Live Voting and Easy to Use Approval Processes

BA Analyser for Grants has been built with extensive input from established grant makers, and through this process we have developed two main processes by which granting decisions can be made.

Full Vote Round

The first of these methods is a full voting round, which is when an application is submitted through the applicant portal and assigned a grade based on your organisations objectives. A grant administrator or manager will then assess the grant and provide this information on a voting page for trustees/members to view and cast their votes. This allows for a streamlined final voting process at the end of a granting round as all applications will have a ranking based on the votes cast and will be displayed as such.

Live Voting and easy to use approval process

This tab contain the key information which the trustee/members needs to make their decision. The amount which the application is requesting is displayed and next to it there is an area which the manager can make their recommendation for the amount they believe should be granted. The manager assessment can be viewed, and underneath this assessment the full application can be viewed if the trustee/member wishes to go into more detail. If the organisation requesting the grant has previously lodged applications their details are also shown in the application history table.

Trustees/Members select the Add Comment/Vote button to bring up their voting options. Here they can make a comment about the application and can raise any points should they wish to, select the rating they wish to assign (yes, no, abstain), and assign a priority rating. The aggregation of the trustee/member priority ratings will determine the applications position in the live voting round (i.e. applications with a higher priority rating will be at the top of the table and thus addressed earlier in the round). Trustee/Members can also enter a suggested value if they believe that the Managers recommendation is not correct.

This display is also customisable. Application Administrators can choose to hide information if they feel that Trustees/Members may be swayed or affected by others voting behaviour.

Voting Round Hide option

Trustees/Members can log in remotely and view the application information, Managers, Assessment, and finally cast their vote, priority rating, and if necessary make their own recommendation for funds allocated.

After all the trustees/members have cast their votes, suggestions, priority scores, and made any comments the application will be ready to go to the Live Voting Round. This will be at the end of a grant round when all applications have been voted on by trustees and occurs at a designated time in the calendar year. The Grant Manager enters in the dates for the current round period, along with the Grant Name that they want to focus on, and finally the funds that have been allocated to the round (any remaining funds left over from previous rounds will also appear in the total).

Grant Funding Round Image

All the applications relevant to the round in question will be displayed in a list in the order of their aggregate priority score (e.g. if there are five trustee/members scoring the application out of 10 each, the final score will be from 50 and the highest will be displayed at the top of the list). The information displayed in this list includes; Application Number, Applicant Organisation Name, Grant Name, Category, Requested Amount, and the Manager