Frequently Asked Questions.

Simply click on enquiry for more info and we will be right back you. If you already know the value of the amounts of grants you make in a year, head to the Pricing area and complete the information required, click submit and we will be right back to you.

Yes, there are currently 15 categories that your organisation can choose from, whether it be 1 category or all 15. These can be selected in the Organisation Setup once you have signed up

Analyser will allows up to 4 different types to be set up at any one time

NO, your information will only be shared internally and only general information can be shared. All personal data is protected in line with the Privacy policy contained within this application, please read it carefully.

Yes they can. Upon completing and application they are sent a link which will take them to the Applicant Portal to be able to register and track all their applications to your organisation

Yes it can, all parts of the system can be branded with your organisations colours, typefaces and logos. You can change addressing and branding if you have more than one location. All communications can be edited and branded and all questions can added to or have questions you don