Sponsorship Application System

Receive all applications,
evaluate, manage, respond
database and report for...

Sports. Arts. Community. Events.
Entertainment. Education. And More.

evaluate your current
sponsorships performance

Save over 85% of staff costs and executive time.

Drive consistent sponsorship strategy across your business in seconds.

Stay in control. Unlimited users, access anywhere, multiple brands and locations.

Powerful performance. Easy to drive, intuitive navigation.

Evaluate Rate and Score all your current sponsorships performance.

Find Your Best Sponsorships.

It's never been so easy to monitor and manage your sponsorship applications. With a simple, intuitive interface, getting you and your company on track is simple and easy.

Analyse Your Current Sponsorships.

Analyser Plus, allows you to enter you current sponsorship commitments as an application and Analyser will then Evaluate, Rate and Score your current sponsorships performance, so you can see where they are strongest, where there are gaps and what you need to negotiate with the rights owners to deliver the best performance.

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Sponsorship Applications.

Our online sponsorship application makes it easy to keep track of all the sponsorship applications coming in.

Sponsorship All in One Place.

Keep on top of all your sponsorship applications by keeping it in one place with our Management Dashboard.


Customise Everything.

Customise your online sponsorship application, email messages, categories and questions just like you do with the rest of your company

Multi- Language & Multi-Currency.

Our system has the ability to be multi-language and we can develop this for your needs upon request. Some language translations are currently being developed and will be released in the future. BA Analysers multi-currency allows you to choose the currency of your choice. If you


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