Sponsorship Assessment Made Easy.




Easy Online Applications.

Access your sponsorship applications and save valuable time with our online services, which can be tailored to reflect your company needs and objectives. No more paper applications to read through, which can be a time consuming process. Applicants can still upload documents to their application as additional information.

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All Areas Covered.

We’ve got your sponsorship application types covered with 11 categories available for you to choose from to suit your company requirements. Whether it is 1 category or all 11 – we’ve got you covered.

BA Analyser Categories

  • Arts
  • Athlete
  • Environment
  • Event
  • Community Project
  • Charity
  • Sports Organisations & Bodies
  • Teams
  • Individual Scholarship
  • Personal Circumstances
  • Venue

If there’s something a little more special that you require, contact us for a friendly chat to see how we can help.

Easy Generated Questions.

Not sure what questions to ask for your sponsorship applications? Let BA Analyser take the hassle out of your sponsorship application with our pre-formulated and researched questions. We’ve spent our time and resources designing easy to understand questions for each of the 11 categories in 7 simple steps for applicants to complete.

BA Analyser is flexible to suit your company requirements. As the user, you have the freedom to add additional questions to find out specific information for your company, and to set up the scoring of those questions.

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Strategic Rating Points.

BA Analyser’s Strategic Rating Points is where the magic begins.  The strategy is based upon the Strategic Rating Points that are set to your company objectives.  These Strategic Rating Points generate a score for each application by type, and are colour coded for easy ‘User’ identification.  BA Analyser takes the hassle out of identifying which applications match your company objectives and allows for consistent timely decision making.

No Match



Red = No Match Amber = Consider Green = Match

Access Anywhere.

Access your sponsorship applications anytime, anywhere – on a PC, Mac or Tablet and use our desktop widget for easy access. The BA Analyser system can be accessed on multiple internet platforms.  BA Analyser will work on Internet Explorer 8 and higher, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Access Anywhere

Unlimited Users.

Just like the rest of your business needs, BA Analyser provides you and your company with the freedom and flexibility to take control of your sponsorship applications.  That’s why we have provided unlimited users for our BA Analyser systems.  Whether it’s just you or 500 hundred staff, BA Analyser lets you choose the number of users you need and stream lines the work load by giving you the ability to assign each user a different role to ensure your sponsorship activity is kept up to date.

Reporting & Advanced Search.

With reporting and advanced search functions Analyser can report across all sponsorship applications, Turn on filters to highlight specific reporting requirements by Location, Date, Sponsorship Type, by Financial consideration, by Value, Target Audience, Reach, Media Types and much, much, more. Use the Advanced Search to build a fully customisable report tailored to your specific needs. Once you have found what you are looking for Export your Reports to CSV or PDF.